More than 2000 pharmacies in five different Federal Districts!

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For Pharma Companies

Our pharmacy chain consists of more than 1500 pharmacies in four different Federal Districts with total volume of trade over 2.8 billion rubles per month, and we are continuously adding new members. Our chain is a big part of the pharmaceutical market in Northwestern Federal District.

When discussing partnership's possibilities with manufacturers, we are trying to establish comfortable, mutually agreed conditions. We do always find optimum alternatives.

We collaborate with all the district's main resalers and provide marketing help based on your needs in sales' raise for specific wholesaler.

The benefits of working with us include:

- Dramatical sales' raise in the niche with weak promotional marketing or without it at all, thanks to information support of your goods

- Sales planning and forecasting rise to a new level, since a significant part of region's sales management becomes centrally managed

- Saving expenses on region cities’ development

- There is no negative reaction from pharmacies to your company's demands

- Taking part in our pharmacy chain's employee-oriented conventions

- Reasonable terms of service

Our services:

- Brand-boosting media relations in our chain's pharmacies

- Your goods' advertising on our website

- Outsourcing and complete audit of medical representatives

- Conducting growth-oriented events: conventions, tradeshows, catering, entertainment events

- Organization of and conducting research activities (except for clinical studies)

- Incubation and design of scientific articles and publication in leading Russian and international academic periodicals.