More than 2000 pharmacies in five different Federal Districts!

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About us

MedPharm Unity is the first Russian company to offer full support for small health and pharmaceutical businesses to develop entrepreneurship and preserve job positions of salaried employees and self-employed workers. Our partners' businesses consolidate and rise in the pharmaceutical community.

Our activities became even more relevant due to the nationwide slump in pharmaceutical business and deterioration of economic climate in Russia.

In the presence of severe competition in the pharmaceutical market independent pharmacies and small pharmacy chains are suppressed by larger pharmacy chains. It leads to monopolization of pharmaceutical business and harms customers as well as small businesses. It happens through a variety of causes: a small pharmaceutical business is forced to buy goods at overestimated prices, bear the costs of legal and accounting services, fight regulators and offer job positions on unfavorable terms. Basically, a small business has heavier expenses and smaller profit than large pharmacy chains.

We observed all above said complications for years, estimating small businesses' problem areas and performing government relations of small pharmaceutical business. For instance, we took part in the discussion about variety reduction of required drugs, easing of storage conditions regulations and charges for violation of said conditions. We stood against realization of over-the-counter medications outside pharmacies.

One of our goals in supporting small pharmaceutical businesses is to achieve small pharmacy chains' and independent pharmacies' retail business dealing on equal terms with big pharmacy chain's. That is why we invite small pharmaceutical businesses' organizations to join our pharmacy union and enjoy all advantages and benefits of big pharmacy chains, keeping their juridical and managerial independence.

We work on principle of respect for customers and partners – pharmacies, resalers and manufacturers included. Our custom-tailored service, efficient work, instant support provision for our partners and favorable terms make the partnership with us extremely comfortable and easy to maintain.