More than 2000 pharmacies in five different Federal Districts!

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Here you can find all the information about any medicine sold by any of our pharmacies, about our company and the benefits of working with us.

All the staff employed in our pharmacies is always friendly and professional with each and every customer. We have a large assortment of goods, and our prices are fair and low. You can also order any medicine by simply making a call and choose between delivery and customer pickup. If you happen to have any questions, you may pose them to our expert consultants by phone.

Nowadays the pharmaceutical market is under the influence of large pharmacy chains with stiff terms for pharmacies and staff. Their employees are merely a part of the grand system. Therefore, every pharmacist you meet in such pharmacies should follow a list of routine tasks set by the head office. Unfortunately, it scares off the customers, since they fail to find what they want, that being full interaction with a professional pharmacist.

Our pharmacy chain is a merge of independent pharmacies and small pharmacy chains. These elements of the pharmaceutical market do not have strict rules for consulting and interaction with customers. Here you will always find full interaction with a professional, as opposed to big pharmacy chains.

Above-mentioned single pharmacies and small chains are scattered all over the Northwestern Federal District. You can find our pharmacies in Saint Petersburg, Leningrad Oblast, Kaliningrad Oblast, Murmansk Oblast, Vologda Oblast, Arkhangelsk Oblast, the Republic of Karelia and the Komi Republic.

Thanks to a big quantity of pharmacies in our chain, they can be easily found not far from your own house or the hotel you chose for your business or holiday trip. Simply open our website and check the map of the pharmacies' locations. With our rebate program running in all of our pharmacies you can save up to 7% off the full price when buying there.